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Turkey’s Leading IVF Expert – Interview

Watch this video on a leading IVF specialist from Istanbul, Turkey. The IVF-obstetrics and gynecology head at one of the leading hospitals of Turkey has extensive international exposure, having had his residency at the Columbia University in the United States. He has also served as a professor at the Yale University. The IVF specialist’s reputation […]

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Cancer Center – Healthcare Tourism Istanbul

In this cancer hospital Turkey video, Chief of International services in cancer center Istanbul talks about healthcare tourism in the city. Foreign services chief talks about the safety of medical tourists in the city. She considers the city as safe for the visitors and talks about growing public transportation and sea transport. She also talks […]

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Healthcare Tourism – Cancer Treatment Center Istanbul

In this video, a chief of foreign services talks about growth of healthcare tourism in Istanbul, Turkey. Medical tourists from different international destinations are coming to cancer treatment center in Istanbul, to get excellent medical services at affordable cost. Video Narration of Chief in International Services – Istanbul “We have approximately hundred patients coming from […]

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Multispeciality Cancer Treatment Hospital in Turkey

In this video, chief of foreign services talks about various treatments in multispeciality cancer hospital in Turkey. Video Narration of foreign services chief “We have a top notch team which is I can say is very unique in Turkey and in this part of the world, they do the whole spectrum, there is nothing that […]

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Oncology Center for Cancer Treatment in Turkey

In this video, chief of foreign services in oncology center for cancer treatment talks about the services and specialties in Turkey cancer hospital. Video Narration of Chief of Foreign Services “I am the chief for international services, Istanbul.  The hospital’s vision is to serve not only turkey but neighboring countries as well.  So in line […]

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Cancer Treatment Hospital – Turkey

In this video, chief nursing hospital talks about the facilities and affiliation of cancer treatment hospital in Turkey. Video Narration of Chief Nursing Officer “I think the qualifications for the physicians and other health professionals and the facility itself is very high. We are accredited by joint commission International, that’s the international arm of the […]

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