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    Cancer Hospital in Turkey

    Cancer Hospital Turkey welcomes you to a comprehensive online resource on cancer treatments in Turkey. Cancer patients can expect to receive quality care at affordable prices in the Johns Hopkins affiliated hospital.

    Affordable Care

    Chemotherapy and other kinds of cancer treatments in Turkey could help you fight the deadly disease, without derailing your budget too much. Other treatments such as radiotherapy and bone marrow transplant are also available at affordable costs.

    Accredited Facility

    The oncology hospital features cutting-edge technology and is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and also holds a vital partnership with Johns Hopkins Medical in both cancer research, training as well as treatment.

    International Patient Department

    The hospital features an exclusive international patient service department which takes all-round care of your medical stay - right from scheduling your treatment to arranging lodging as well as language interpreters, if required.

    Quality Oncological Care

    The hospital is one of the world leaders in cancer treatment and palliative care. The hospital has even received certification from the European Society for Medical Oncology for its state-of-the-art oncological services.